Asset - Compliance State

Quickly display the compliance state of a specific baseline in MECM

These reports are critical in maintaining an organization's devices' security and configuration standards. They help IT administrators and security teams identify areas of concern, prioritize remediation efforts, and ensure that the devices in their environment operate securely.

Most organizations that want to monitor their devices effectively with SCCM / MECM will use them to deploy compliance baseline. You get the information of your baselines in a way you will understand which devices are not compliant and why they are. 

  1. Baseline Configuration Definition: The report typically details compliance policies, versioning, or reference data.

  2. Device Summary: The report will often provide a high-level summary of the compliance state, including the total number of devices in the scope of assessment and how many are compliant, non-compliant, or pending evaluation.

  3. Configuration Item Details: The report will show individual configuration items or settings that are part of the baseline. Each item may include the setting name, description, and expected value.

  4. Non-Compliant Devices: A section of the report will provide information about devices not complying with the baseline configuration. This can include details of the affected user.

  5. Non-Compliance Reasons: The report may explain why specific devices are non-compliant. It might include error messages, warnings, or explanations for the particular configuration items that failed.

  6. Export and Sharing Options: SSRS typically offers options to export the report data in various formats (e.g., PDF, CSV, Excel) for sharing with stakeholders or further analysis.


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